View Full Version : ArcheAge Blood in the Sand EU Finals Livestream October 14th at 1:30 PM PDT

Celestrata Bloodsong
10-12-2016, 02:42 PM

Join Senior Community Relations Manager Seraphina "Celestrata" Brennan and Senior GM Brian "GM Tinen" Kenny on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next ArcheAge livestream!

The European Blood in the Sand tournament has been completed, and the matches have been unbelievable! We're providing a match by match breakdown on this week's livestream, so make sure to join us for the finale of the EU tournament!

ArcheAge Blood in the Sand EU Finals Livestream
Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds
Start Time: Friday, October 14 at 1:30 PM PDT (GMT-8)
Duration: 45-50 minutes

Make sure to stick around to the end of the livestream, because we'll be hosting our usual giveaway and you could win!

10-13-2016, 09:22 AM
Can you tell us if the concern in : Seaskimmer Speedboat Feedback Thread have been passed to Amary and Khrolan so they can discuss with XL while they're in Korea ?

10-14-2016, 06:27 AM

i've got a simple question. i have asked some moth ago during the livestream what happend to the diffrent client settings if you start multiple clients. it has been said that with the new update (was 2.9 i think) it will may get better in case of they go back to a other save-system or i dont know.

anyway. its still not solved. if you start a second client it will have the same options toggled as your mainaccount. it wont save them for like 2nd started client saving. 3d client started savings. like it used to be.

a other topic is the "tabs".. if you make yourself some custom chat-tabs. ive the feeling ive to make mine every second day. sometimes twice a day. i mean its realy stupid if you delete your cache or your temporary files with like cc-cleaner. .. and all your tabs are gone O_o..

i understand that its a technical issue. with clients and savings on profile. on my computer etc. etc. i get it...
but come on.. its not like a problem which cant be solved...

it just concerns me a bit how slacky those kind of problems get pushed sideways.. and yes i know all are preping for 3.0.. i get it.. but there is allways a patch the team prepares for..
i know a lot of people who have problems with they're tab settings as well.

pls fix that... i loose 2 min of my life every time i've to make the tabs new.. and its allmost every day :(

10-14-2016, 11:11 AM
Marketplace update with Halloween decorations yet? Started decorating with last years stuff but I need moar! :)