View Full Version : Calmlands land

10-16-2016, 01:07 AM
Selling a whole bunch of land in Auroria Calmlands!

As of now we have (4)8x8 Storage silos, (8) 16x16 Farms, (23) 24x24 Gazebos, (3) 24x24 upgraded Townhouse (1 Tradesman, 1 Apothecary and 1 Armorer), (11) upgraded Farm Houses (of the 11, 9 are Harvesters), (2) 28x28 Tree houses, (1) 28x28 Advanced Fellowship Plaza, and (2) 44x44 Mansions

Send a tell if you may want to buy or trade for something.

More or less all of this zone in the pic http://i.imgur.com/zxlBnKG.png

Thanks for looking.