View Full Version : WTS Bound Dunn's Blessing and Celestial Weapon Anchoring Emblem (Bound)

11-06-2016, 12:23 PM
Hi. I have 1 of each currently at my characters and I don't plan on using them. Remember that both of them are bound, so I can only attempt to regrade tradeable gear. Dunn's Blessing becomes a Silver Charm (2.5x chance of success) compared to 2.0x from Superior Red and Celestial Weapon Anchoring emblem can only be used in Celestial grade weapons and removes the chance of downgrading or break.

I know it's hard to trust a random. I will do whatever needed for you to make sure I'm not stealing your weapon.

In game name is Suzuno. Send a mail or whisp if you are interested.

Thank you!