View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: A word on the recent disconnections and lag [UPDATED: 12:50 PM PDT]

11-11-2016, 01:50 PM
November 11, 12:24 PM PDT Update -- Extra Loyalty Tokens & Sieges Disabled Adventurers, we are currently issuing 30 Loyalty Tokens to all those who have been affected by the recent disconnections and lag. This package will be given to those who logged in from Tuesday, November 8 at 4:00 PM PDT to Thursday, November 10 at 4:00 PM PDT. We realize that this period does not yet cover today's issues, but we are continuing to collect data and will offer additional compensation to those have been affected. We will also offer additional item compensation grants if these issues continue to persist. In order to claim your Loyalty Token package, please visit http://archeage.trionworlds.com, log in with your account, and you should see an appropriately named compensation package waiting for you in the list of purchasable items. The pack will cost 0 credits and will allow you to add 30 Loyalty Tokens to a character on your account. In addition, because this is siege weekend and some folks have had issues getting in to participate in the siege process, we will be refunding all siege bids tonight after bidding has closed. We will also disable sieges this weekend by temporarily blocking the use of siege scrolls. While you may have the item in your possession after tonight, it will be rendered unusable. The siege schedule will progress normally after this point, so the next siege opportunity will still happen at the normally scheduled time. All of our servers continue to remain online, but the issues are still not fully resolved. Our team continues to work to resolve them, but please be aware you may continue to experience disconnections and lag. We recommend that players do not engage in risky activities, such as running trade packs, at this time. Everyone, thanks for your patience, and we're going to continue to work to get things back to normal around here! Sincerely, The ArcheAge Team

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