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12-06-2016, 10:30 AM
To answer your questions in order, alexandier,1. In the future, we'll try to clarify those changes as best as possible. However, many people were concerned that the change was an unlisted change when, in fact, the fact that they quest had been changed was listed in the notes.2. It's certainly a fine suggestion, but right now it's not against the rules as they are the mechanics as presented. But we appreciate the suggestion and the opinion.3. The GM team investigated, and we found no verifiable breaches of the rules.4. As long as the guild meets the qualifications to bid, they are able to bid and take the scroll. Obviously pirates cannot siege, but they can choose to move the scroll somewhere else, or make deals for the scroll. This is where the system enters into the realm of politics, and allows various types of deals and blocks to occur.5. This is not an exploit and is the intended design of the system. If you're not in the top 20, it's perfectly acceptable to make friends with a guild in the top 20 and have them bid on your behalf. Or for a guild to sell the scroll to the highest bidder after winning it. Or for the guild to simply destroy the scroll. Whatever the guild chooses to do with the scroll after the blind bidding process is completely up to them.

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