View Full Version : Looking for active Trading / PvP / PvE Guild

12-09-2016, 11:25 AM
Hey Guys,

I looking for some active Guild to start over again on the Fresh-Start Server.

I played ArcheAge in Korea since CBT3 with the fellowers of the Archeage Germany Community.

We created several Fun Videos from Korea and CBT like the Spin Tradeship :)

So want to try connect to this awesome time I had in ArcheAge. However in Europe it started very badly with all the Pay2Win and bad communication with Communities who are non-english ones.

My focus is again on the Sea / Trading.

So I hope I can find some very nice Guild. The Faction I pick is choosen by the Guild Offers, since I have no real preference.

Class will be a range one, I guess Archery + 2 unknown yet.