View Full Version : Revelation 3.0 Update Notes: Miscellaneous Changes

Celestrata Bloodsong
12-09-2016, 11:10 PM

The respawn time for all mounts has been increased from 2 to 5 minutes.
The critical damage and critical healing stat values in tool tips has been adjusted to reflect the actual value adjusted on the character sheet. The crit values mostly remain unchanged but are now correctly represented.
The tool tips of some sealed items now include what items may result from unsealing.
Epherium and Delphinad Synthesis Cloaks have had their icon background color adjusted.
The damaging effect has been added to the Obsidian Tier 7 Staff.
The decimal values for some pieces of equipment have been adjusted which may slightly increase or decrease a characterís total Equipment Points.
Vita Root is now required to raise wolfhounds and saberfangs instead of Battle Pet Formula.
Bread and Soup type items may no longer be used while in combat. Additionally, the amount of HP or MP restored has been increased.
Healing consumables no longer have a critical success chance when consumed.
Logbooks, scrolls, notes, and miscellaneous paper items have now been classified as books and can be stored in a Pagemasterís Storage Chest.
The Ayanad Council Manaprint used in the Ayanad Earring quests have had their drops adjusted. Bosses no longer drop 1 manaprint for 1 person, but now drop fragments of a mana print for easier division. 50 manaprint fragments can be combined into 1 manaprint. A daily quest is also available and provides manaprint fragments as a reward.
Items that cannot be equipped by Dwarves of Warborn will contain a statement indicating this is the case in the tooltip. This is mostly with regard to underwear and legacy costumes.
Shadow Warriorís Shadows now triggers less frequently.
The casting time on Cruel Glory Sash has been increased. Itís no longer instant cast.
The Taris statue received as a reward from a Mistsong Summit Achievement now plays the Taris intro video when activated.
Itís no longer possible to remove the Talisman of Protection from Sojung while she is buried.
Aria now sometimes drops a music sheet scroll that contains music notes.
Musical instruments can now be placed outside buildings.
Farmerís Workstations and Improved Scarecrow Farms no longer provide access to the Vocation shop.
Falling damage has been reduced for low level players.
Guards will speak occasionally when a stealthed player moves past them.
Heavy tax and territory tax rates have been added to a buildingís nameplate.
The format of the tax mail for lords has been improved.
If a character belongs to a party or a raid and goes AFK the loot roll will be passed automatically.
Gold and Item Loot bonus values have been added to the Details tab on the character sheet.
The teleport book can now support more than 10 pages of teleport locations.