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[NA][East][18+][Fresh Start] The Goonies [Serious Guild]

We are now going to run on vengence

We are recruiting players new and old! Join today!

What to expect

1. This guild does everything! that said we emphasize alot on pvp
2. We are not a strict guild we take things as we see fit
3. We will pushing heavily ingame
4. Make sure you have thick skin
5. We play archeage with teamwork and we will expect you do the same
6. Do not believe this is like a second job because it isn't
7. Purpling is on you please bases
8. We will most likely stay quite friendly
9. Try to have some fun


1. Do not grief other players
2. You must be 18+
3. Teamwork is essential
4. Do not steal from our allies
5. Destroy your enemy
6. You are allowed to troll within reason
7. Do not steal your own fellow guild mates packs
8. You must be able to speak and understand English
9. Do not scam your fellow guild mates
10. No drama
11. As always have fun its a game

Hey you guys! Come check us out!
Join us in discord for quick registration

Feel free to join in or pm with Discord for any question, that or message below
You can contact me directly through Discord Yuki#8882 And Dioxx#0745

Are you a competitive player? Do you want to be known and feared as a top player? So does The Goonies. I like to mess around a lot. When I get bored I tend to venture off into the sea in search for enemy players. So you will be seeing a lot of that. The Goonies will be trading and doing dungeons, auroria along with archeage events, we also are very heavily influenced by pvp. Join The Goonies today and be apart of the fun! If you have come here looking for a healthy toxic/drama free guild long story short we all do, That is only changed by the players and only the players can change themselves. None the less we will strive to make sure everyone is getting along well! it's a video game why drama? but as said before that is up to the person! We will also be competing with the top guilds for castles and land in auroria as much as possible! Also main boss events! Our main priority will be getting everyone geared though so be prepared to work for it!

Many players from all around are coming back to archeage for the new fresh start servers and it looks quite promising. Be sure to tag along with us! we are always looking to make it fun! and start off with everyone else on equal terms! Lets be the ones on the top with the best of the best! let us become what most competitive types strive to be! Number One! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04854XqcfCY I've played archeage since the very start the beginning.. give or take a week or so! none the less I have watched archeage become what it is today! I've never really stuck to them alot! but I did it when it mattered! We The Goonies are now looking to stare death in face figuratively and stomp on our competition! I will be making videos and be streaming the big fights and fun moments. We will be doing dungeons at first just to get everyone geared as a guarantee just for starting off. We will also be sharing game event gold evenly with everyone. The Goonies will make sure you are prepared to handle the big fights in the end you can sit down with your favorite beverage in hand Lets start off this round on top!

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No one is gonna join your trash tier guild because

12-11-2016, 03:20 PM
Good look have fun , new archeage mode single player !!!!

12-11-2016, 03:20 PM
P v p
d o d g e r s

12-11-2016, 03:21 PM
I too like to evade competition

12-11-2016, 03:21 PM
Serious Guild LOL

12-11-2016, 03:23 PM
Dodging reckoning lul

12-11-2016, 03:24 PM
ey you guys watch gonna be que and yalls gonna go VENGENCE! <. < you know Im right it never ends ;o

12-11-2016, 03:25 PM
HEY YOU GUYS!! I love how everyone jumps on the bandwagon about how ♥♥♥♥ty the new server is going to be, but yet you all will be the first to complain about Queue times on Reckoning.. Have a nice day!

12-11-2016, 03:26 PM
HEY YOU GUYS!! I love how everyone jumps on the bandwagon about how ♥♥♥♥ty the new server is going to be, but yet you all will be the first to complain about Queue times on Reckoning.. Have a nice day!

Except the queues last a week. 1 month from now this server will be a wasteland that will make pre merge Lucius look alive.

12-11-2016, 03:27 PM
Hey you guys!

Beta guild beta guild beta guild

dodging competition

12-11-2016, 03:28 PM
I honestly don't think so. Sorry that I do not share the same views as you.. #TRIGGERED seems to be a new trend nowadays .. But, alas! We will prevail!

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12-11-2016, 03:30 PM
not dodging competition, dodging idiots who think we're dodging competition. Hey bro, i heard you like beta guilds, so we are going to say beta guilds for a good while, then make sure to add "dodging competition". #Triggered.

12-11-2016, 09:25 PM
The server is dead they said, don't go to it they said. < .< news for you hators! :D the ven server has about the same amount of players as rek. SKRUBS!

12-14-2016, 10:35 AM
Not sure how rolling vengeance means were dodging pvp when the server is pretty populated on its own. ignore the salty reckoning boys, there will be plenty competition. Goodluck, ill be seeing you guys out there ;)