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12-11-2016, 03:53 PM

We are a decent sized group of returning veteran players formerly known as The Enclave (East) of Naima Server who left after the launch of Auroria. We are looking for honorable players who enjoy a mature family style guild with plenty of trade and PVP. We are planning to be a medium sized (40-50 members) force to be reckoned with. Castle hunters look elsewhere. We love PVP but we plan on also experiencing PVE elements as well, casuals and new players welcome.

Faction: West
Focus: PVP, Trade, PVE Raiding
PVP Policy: No first strike same faction PK (Purpling), If any member is attacked the guild will respond in force. Help defend smaller and allied guilds from same faction PK. Never attack Allies or NAP alliance member guilds. If ganking is your thing please look elsewhere. If its Red its dead.
Voice: TS3.SolarisGaming.net
Web: www.SolarisGaming.net
Requirements: Age 18+ , sense of humor, not easily offended by sarcasm or adult humor/profanity. We use TS3 and if you want to be in guild run events (trade, pvp, raids) we need you to be able to connect and at least listen.

Contact me here, apply on our website, or hop on our TS at TS3.Solarisgaming.net and say hello.

We love Diplomacy! Interested in Allies and Non Aggression Pacts please contact Zaare or Solace for more info.

12-11-2016, 07:43 PM
Come join us! Having fun with all these queues and crashes lol

12-12-2016, 02:37 PM
If you are looking for a friendly and experienced ArcheAge guild this is the one for you!;)


12-13-2016, 09:56 PM
Still looking for a few more members come join us, we have a big guild village!

12-16-2016, 08:50 AM
Good group of people highly active, very funny on ts.

12-17-2016, 08:05 PM
Bump! We are doing bosses tonight and we'd love to have you with us for bosses tomorrow night! :)

12-18-2016, 12:38 AM

12-18-2016, 12:41 AM
After some unfortunate events and misunderstandings last night I'm glad to have had lengthy discussions with the leader of this guild. Harbingers of Freedom looks forward to working together with Solaris for the benefit of the faction. Seems like a great group who really want what is best for Nuia.

12-18-2016, 01:08 AM

12-18-2016, 06:27 AM
Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'd like to join.. if you're still recruiting.

12-18-2016, 06:42 PM
Solaris is definitely still recruiting, Ralpha! We'd love to have you on board with us! Feel free to visit our website at solarisgaming.net/recruitment and submit your application to join.

12-19-2016, 03:27 PM
Great bunch of people who enjoy helping others as much as themselves. We also understand that while progression is important, at the end of the day Archeage is just a game and were all here to have fun. See ya in game.

12-20-2016, 07:39 PM
Reach out to us in game! Whisper Zaare, Solace, or Vengeance for info about your next guild family!

12-21-2016, 04:43 PM
Join the good fight, Join Solaris!

12-26-2016, 03:56 PM
Still have a few spots left for friendly players. Contact Zaare, Solace, or Vengeance for more info.

12-26-2016, 06:41 PM
I joined Solaris about a week ago. They have been great and are a blast to chill with in teamspeak. They even banded together to get my trade packs back after my game crashed. As someone who is joining Archeage after playing WOW for many years the guild banding together to help someone was an awesome experience.

12-27-2016, 11:17 PM
We are almost full of awesome people! Come take one of our few spots left <3 Join up at solarisgaming.net/recruitment if you'd like to get in on the action!