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08-22-2014, 10:42 AM
Hi all,
I put here my first feedback about the french translation (i do it in english)

In the character window :
Faction isnt' translate : "West Ishvara" must be perhaps : "Ishvara de l'Est"

In the "Intel." description statistic, it's a point in "0.2" not a coma "0,2" same as "Force, Agilité, ..."

"Bug" in the following item description :
1- The text miss a end of line
"Modification disponible"
"Equipement à 2 mains"
2- I think it's better to say the description like that :
"De nombreux élèves de Shao se trouvent surpris de leur aisance à manier des armes en bois plutôt qu'en métal. Sans doute leur habitude à jouer des instruments de musique en bois y est pour quelque chose..."

"Bug" in the following item description :
1- same about the miss at the end of line
2- better to say
"...plumes. Les mélodies jouées avec cet instrument ont les sonorités d'une guitare"

The gemme who give a +1spirit here is not present on the item.. can be a bug ? seems I can add an other gem on the same stuff.

Here we have a little problem :)
A "veau laitier" is not a "vache laitière"
The first is the "son" of the cow who is growing to do meat
The second is to do milk... ;)
I suggest to pass all the description in female gender :
"Libère une "vache laitière". Elle grandit plus vite sous un climat approprié."
"Nourrissez les vaches adultes pour traire régulièrement du lait"
.. "Placée en dehors d'une zone protégée, elle finira pas tomber dans le domaine public."

Here I think there a wrong global sens...
Seems to me a little strange, the two sentences don't sound good...
I don't know why the veteran are in bad mood if they can now participate at a croisade... they're must be happy... or they can be unhappy because they know how a war could be...

Grimoire de téléportation/pierre de l'au-delà
I like "portailleur" in general is "portail" but why not ^^ that change
but it's "parchemin de téléportation" not "téléport"

08-22-2014, 11:18 AM
(next, i can't put more than 5 file in a post)

Hum why not for the word "attestation" but you can let "certificat" could be better for playing with no french players...
I think is better "Permet de payer des impôts; à utiliser avec les jardins, fermes et maisons"
"à fabriquer" doesn't sound right...

In AH : big problem with "Lys"
This is for the lys quest, in AH, if you type "lys" you don't find anything... you must pass by he menu : "Réalisation>Matière Première>Fleur" and so you can find Lys...
In more you have the two informations (auction/buy) to each articles in korean ^^
In fact, the searching field don't work here

Farm :
In the Public Farm of "City of towers" :
You can plant "Orge" but...
in this case, you can't plant "Avoine" but in the def is "graine d'orge" so I think it's a name mistake.. or the farm panel isn't right :)

08-22-2014, 11:51 AM
Korean text in French text. :