View Full Version : Gentlemen's club Now recruiting Hard Core PVX Players 18 +

GC Dominus
12-14-2016, 08:27 AM
Greetings ladies and Gentlemen,

The Gentlemen's club is looking for you ! We are looking for hard core east players that are looking to progress quickly. We have Teamspeak and our founding members have been playing the game since launch in 2013. This guild is looking to build a strong core player base that works well together. Our founders have been In Guilds such as Active Five News Team, Syndic Seven, Fury, Rage, Disaster and the original Gentlemens Club on Ezi. If your looking to join a guild with experienced players you have found them. :cool:

If you want to apply please put in an app in game or mail "Dominus or Kilec" in game or pm me on the forums.