View Full Version : ZamboniChaos: Unable to complete your purcashe

12-14-2016, 11:10 AM
trying to purcashe patron acsess..i get the same message with both my Visa and my Paypal..problem isnt on my end for sure cuz just yestrday i bought something from amazon.my email -************** Hey there! I confirmed your ticket was still in our queue awaiting review. Our CS team is working as fast as they can to work through the recent surge of tickets we've received. I also went ahead and removed your email from this post to make sure your personal information remains protected.
it's been 3 days since i sent ticket and they still didnt help me.. having same problem I reviewed the account associated with this forum profile but I wasn't able to find any of your tickets in our queue. Did you submit your ticket from a different account?

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