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12-18-2016, 11:33 AM
hi all,

just want to get this out here that even being patron wil not help you all the time. I am patron and i started the queue at 13:00 GMT+1 on position 1890 and after 6 hours! of waiting i got in only to get a dc when i clicked the start button. now im back in queue at 1908 for a nather 6 hour i gess.

i have a little question about this too. can you get some kind of compensation for the patron time lost? i mean i cant wait a nather 6 hours i have to go to my job monday. so i have lost a full day of leveling and spending labor.

hoop to hear somthing soon,

kind regards,
Sinch (Prophecy)

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12-18-2016, 12:21 PM
+1000 but Trion won't care either way.

12-18-2016, 12:26 PM
I started queueing at ~ 3pm on position 2084 after i got kicked by the "gods" for trying to list an item on the AH, now 5 hours later im still at 1079 as a patron and am really wondering if just ~1000 people left the game until now?
I mean this seems completely unreasonable with the amount of people playing, there must be some major flaw with the queue system.
It would be nice to at least hear some feedback, that ist is being looked into thoroughly, since paying real money to not be able to play a game is sadly not a state many people will tolerate for a long time.

12-18-2016, 12:28 PM
yes they realy need to fix the auto kick so ppl with like 100 alts wont take up all the spots.
and i dont mind there being a queue but 6 hours is over the top 3 hours i can deal with.

12-18-2016, 12:29 PM
and i play on a leptop so i cant leave it on all night it wil molten when i wake up xD so i need to wait for queue every day

12-18-2016, 01:53 PM
Trion are you ♥♥♥♥ing serious? pay to be a patreon expecting we have less queue.
Start game position 2000 in patreon queue 4h30 later im first in queue and pummm this https://gyazo.com/2f54b9b12a62e903ea4f6aaed28c682d relog fast and go inside again and now...https://gyazo.com/814b5235990ac378d2da4ba6f42d350f are you ♥♥♥♥ing seriuos trion? pay for what for stay in a ♥♥♥♥ing queue and cant play.. what is this ♥♥♥♥..

12-19-2016, 12:58 AM
Morning queue:50. Why did i wait 3 hours????? Why you do this us Trinoooooo??? Please, im being polite! sell this game to a serious company i beg you....(blizzard or...)really you guys ruined such an amazing game......

12-19-2016, 01:18 AM
Yesterday i had the same Problem (Desaster).

- First Login 09:00 GMT+1 -> Queue Position 900
- At 12:00 start playing and DC at 14:30
- Relog -> Queue Position 2086 !!
- 21:30 in Game again....Yeahhh!!

Why this f**** System dont remember my previous status!!

12-19-2016, 07:50 AM
Same problem!

12-19-2016, 08:11 AM
1700... game has planted again...