View Full Version : Gray screen after character selection

12-18-2016, 01:48 PM
how to proced?? anyone help..

12-18-2016, 01:55 PM
Same issue please help.

12-18-2016, 01:56 PM
same same , a new day and a new problem :(

12-18-2016, 02:10 PM
Try logging into a different character (same account, for me was on same server), playing for ~10-15 mins, then logging into your regular one again. That fixed it for me.

Ppl have also reported fixes by alt enter, but its never worked for me

12-18-2016, 02:23 PM
We have a link to updates on our State of the Game update for today (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?305574). The workaround seems to help quite a few people but may not resolve it for everyone.