View Full Version : Hi all comunity :)

03-22-2014, 05:49 AM
hi , hope soon have more news about the release of the beta , and next the oficial release , im a veteran player from aion , i play there for 5 years ,well aion is over and alot of unbalance betwen factions and is just pvp and grind and no open World at all ,is a good game for pvp nothing more.. , now Archeage is totaly difrent ,alot of things to do in game alot of adventures waiting us , and the creator is the same as lineages , i played there in L2 and i love it the way the game was , waiting and counting the Days to play Archeage , me and alot of friends in aoin is waiting to move to Archeage , is really alot of players going to move to here from aion , Think probably is the best mmo ever Archeage , now cmon guys work hard to release this game for us :) , regards Enjin to all in Trion , Sandbox

03-22-2014, 06:14 AM
Hi all again , soon we will form a big leagion in Archeage :) will join many players from aion , friends too , and all people is welcome . for who wanna join us just post here , in the end wen the game is released we going to organize that and chose the server , all going to be part of a reunion to chose name of legion and Crest, looking for social players and helpfull people ;)