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12-21-2016, 12:34 AM
Ok, so I've asked a few times in Faction (sorry for those getting tired of hearing the same thing over and over) I simply am trying to gather information before committing to the idea. Back on Inoch, I ran a guild of about 120 people, mostly fighters, with a few non coms. This guild was called Team Dai Gurren (Cool points if you enjoy Gurren Lagann) Basicly, a Merc guild, for the betterment of the East.

My ideology was to take players who may not have been the best. Those who lacked direction. Together, we formed a tight nit group of Land Fighters that empowered the East. We were never the biggest, nor the strongest. But I could take 20 people, and chase off 100 Red's, because they knew that we were a force to be reckoned with.

We weren't carebears, and I can't say we didn't kill people of our faction. In fact, Hasla was a big issue, because East was turning on East, despite the fact that we were out numbered 3:1 West to East. We attacked in faction pirates, and helped people who were in need.

We did a little of everything, trading, mercenary work, and played a large role in the Auroria Castle grab. Ending up turning the tides in a large battle, and helping a guild called Jade Empire succeed, when our initial Alliance decided it was OK to attack anyone on sight, just for ore.

I was quite well known on the server, and when I went to Trial, I was voted innocent 90% of the time, because the community knew me and my guild were not ill intent. In fact that was the case with all of my members, due to our positive reinforcement of uniting the East.

Basically I am asking is there any general interest in a guild that supports the East, fights against in and out of faction pirates, and makes sure as hell the Red's don't ever feel safe? I want to remake the guild, and enjoy my time in AA once more....and if we get off the ground, we'll soar to pierce the heavens!

12-21-2016, 07:15 AM
♥♥♥♥ or get off the pot.

If you want to make this guild, make it. If people are interested they will join, if not, they won't.

On this server your past accomplishments don't mean ♥♥♥♥. There is no "remaking" a legend, there is only making a legend so either make one, fail at making one, or sit at home reliving your glory days gone by.

Merry Christmas