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08-22-2014, 08:10 PM
Adventurers, This week has generated some of the most passionate, honest, and constructive feedback I've seen on these forums since joining them, and for that I thank you. We've been regularly forwarding your feedback to XLGAMES for review and discussion about ArcheAge's direction here in the west. These reports cover the hottest topics you're experiencing in-game: archeum availability, latency issues, hack protection, ability queuing, chat filtration, class balancing, economy concerns, and a variety of other technical issues and improvements (yes, including a windowed borderless mode and an inverted mouse axis option). As we enter Closed Beta Event 4's weekend, I wanted to make a post to reiterate that even if I or the rest of the team do not reply to a thread, that does not mean we haven't read it. Staff from both XLGAMES and Trion Worlds are closely monitoring these forums, our Twitter and Facebook, the ArcheAge subreddit, and our diligent fansites for insights into what's working and what can be better. We've been saying it and we mean it: your feedback will help us shape ArcheAge into the best sandbox MMO it can be. Thanks again and have fun testing ArcheAge!

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