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12-21-2016, 04:10 PM
http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2016/12/blog_kyprosa.jpgGet into the holiday spirit with the requisite festive flourishes in this week’s Marketplace update.New Credit Items (Fresh Start & Legacy)

Winter Housing Décor has arrived! – Deck ALL of your halls with Peppermint letters, lights, posts, trees, and more. If you weren’t that neighbor with the crazy light displays last year, BE THAT NEIGHBOR THIS YEAR. (Just remember to take the stuff down after January. Don’t be that guy.)
Winter Maiden Weaponry – Ever want to shank someone with Sugarplums, or wield a Winter Wonderlance? That moment is now. Don’t stop the décor with your house – take your cheer onto the battlefield with these Winter Maiden themed weapon images, and make sure all of your enemies end up as holiday spirits.
Kyprosa’s Winter Furs, Returned – 3000 Credits -- It’s not the Winter Maiden festival without the garb of the Winter Maiden herself! Pick up Kyprosa’s Winter Furs costume and an accompanying Wool Hat with this Marketplace pack.
New Credit Items (Legacy Only)

Legacy Winter Maiden’s Gift – 420 Credits – This crate of goodies contains a plethora of treats, including chances to get lucky points, regrade charms, lucid Lunagems, and more. Rarely, this could offer you a Noble’s Winter Coat costume, a Snowcone Snowman Statue, a Sapphire Solarium Design, and more!
New Loyalty Items (Legacy & Fresh Start)

Noble’s Winter Coat – 400 Loyalty Tokens – This woolen weave will keep your warm, even during the deepest depths of the season.

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