View Full Version : Thatched Farmhouse design disappeared

12-26-2016, 09:27 PM
Hello I play on Reckoning and missed paying my taxes on my alt "Ramzuh" which had a Thatched Farmhouse placed and unbuilt in Ahnimar on my family's plot of land in the Northeast. I logged into that character today to retrieve my Thatched Farmhouse design to trade it over to my main "Ramz" and noticed that I had not received a demolition notice mail, or my tax certs back, or my design back. I checked inventory, mail, warehouse on both of my characters and it is nowhere to be found.

Is this another issue related to the update from this morning??

Can you please contact me regarding this. The account I am posting this on is not the same account that I use to play on Reckoning, you permanently banned the forum account linked to my fresh start account due to it being an "alt account" so I am having to post on my old Morpheus based forum account.

I tried submitting a ticket in game but that service is down right now.


12-27-2016, 12:18 AM
Hello! This would require a ticket to be submitted, so that we can investigate properly. If you are unable to submit one in-game, please email support@trionworlds.com directly from the registered email address for the account missing the items.