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12-28-2016, 11:30 AM
<Unforgiven> is Recruiting.
Join our guild. We have people in it, but there could be more people. People like you. Maybe. If you're not a huge tool. Don't be a huge tool, and join our guild. Steal enemy boats. Do dungeons. Farm stuff.

We can even paint your house!

We have pets.

And we have our own small business.



But all seriousness aside. We are looking for more members to fill out the guild. We are getting close to the 60 mark and we are looking for 40+ members to fill the rest of the ranks. We will be doing a clean up and kicking nonactive members in the next week so we may have more spots open as well. We want to have about 60 members so we can have a good 20+ online at 1 time. We are currently working on getting our members gear to upgraded dungeon weapons and dungeon armor. Everyone in the guild will be gear no matter if your a Farmville guy or like playing the economy. We pvp all the time on the ocean and on the land. We do not zerg we hate zergs and plan on destroying all zergs! We want players that can figure out what gear they need and weapons. And have a drive to be the best they can be on they're class. We don't need beggers and whiners. And no ragers. We help guildies out but we will not hold your hand. We have plenty of lands and getting setup to start farming for frigate and higher end ships. Age range is 20-50 and we want to keep the age range about the same 18 or older is what we want. Discord is a huge must and you must like to be on discord because we are on it all the time. In the next week, we should be ready to hit up Serpentis and maybe try out some world bosses as well.

NA good English typing and talking

Contact: tek badgerkin otterh