View Full Version : Why is Trion banning everyone ?

12-29-2016, 10:25 PM
Personally I've had my main account banned for macros, and an alt account that I played for an hour, also perma-banned even thought I'm 100% certain I deleted all macro/helper programs and reinstalled ArcheAge to the fullest.

I've also taken notes from Reddit, this forum, and many other ArcheAge related forums with mass amount of people getting perma-banned and all Trion's explanation is: "We've confirmed 3rd party programs". They don't even say you used them or what they do...

Also, when discussing with Trion support on how to avoid getting banned, they suggested that I delete any files that could be related to macros or helper programs, and do a registry cleanup. That's scary because Trion has no business knowing the files I have on my PC and I don't need to explain what any file/program is used for, other than it's not related to ArcheAge.

I have a sneaky suspicion Trion isn't actually confirming macros/helper programs, but simply checking task manager for anything suspicious and issuing perma-bans. When my alt account was banned (after an hour of gameplay) I was 100% positive without an ounce of uncertainty that I wasn't using any macros or helpers, as I hard-deleted them, and uninstalled ArcheAge.. but after later investigation, I noticed I was running a chat application (CryptoNode (https://github.com/Supernomad/CryptoNode)).. and I'm assuming it's possible Trion saw the name of the program and assumed I was still using some type of macro.

I still think it's wrong that Trion doesn't provide any information as to why people are getting banned, and from my experience, they are not only banning people for using macros/helpers, but also banning you if you have a macro-like program on your computer or in your task manager (even if you're not even using it).

I'm all for Trion cracking down on Macros and helpers and perma-banning rule breakers... and I admitted to Trion in support that I was in fact using a macro program on my main account. But randomly banning me on an alt and telling me I should "check my files and registry and delete anything suspicious" is wrong. It's obvious I wasn't banned because I broke any rules... and it's impossible for me to look though all of my 200 GB of files to delete anything Trion doesn't like.


12-30-2016, 10:08 AM
Hi there! Please keep in mind that we cannot assist with ban appeals on the forums (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?231513-Were-you-recently-banned-Click-here-for-help!). If you wish to appeal your ban and have our CS team look into this, please send an email to appeals@trionworlds.com.