View Full Version : [Vengence] Willfistu's escrow services - For demo's and trust trades

12-30-2016, 09:28 AM
Hi there, something I've noticed that we lack in Vengence is an escrow service for "trust trades" such as property demo's and third party crafting. A lot of players get scammed in these transactions and i'd like to do my part in preventing that.

What I offer: Escrow and collateral services for any "trust trades".

What I charge: 5% of the value of the trade.

Example for demo: Player A sells demo 24x24 plot to Player b for 500g. - Willfistu holds 500g until player B has laid his claim to the land, Willfistu then hands 475gold to Player A (taking 5% commission).

Example for weaponcrafting: Player A wants Player B to craft him a Magnificent Bow. - Players agree to a collateral that Player B will provide. Player B trades Collateral to Willfistu, Player A trades mats to Player B and then receives bow. Willfistu trades collateral back to Player B (-5%).

Players can come to an agreement beforehand who will be responsible for the 5% commission or they can arrange to split it.

Why trust me? Like Chibbra in EVE i am wealthy(current possession of most valuable crafted weapon on server) and I hold no guild or political affiliations. The perfect candidate for non-biased escrow services.

Contact in game @ Willfistu