View Full Version : [Reckoning] WTS 8x8/Private Sawmill in Solzreed (Lacton)

01-02-2017, 12:55 PM
85m from the Moonswept Bay Specialty Workbench, 40m from the merchant circle Specialty Workbench. Prime location!

Keep the sawmill and place your bed, chests, etc on it. Or demo it and replace with your 8x8 Scarecrow Garden.

100 gold, certed safe sale.

Just checked the AH for some current prices. The Private Sawmill requires 1 Stone Pack and 1 Lumber Pack to construct. The lowest Buy Now price for 100 Stone Bricks is 42g99s. 100 Lumber is 25g10s. The Building Management Title I bought was ~25g. That means you're getting the land itself for under 7 gold - a STEAL!