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01-06-2017, 12:30 PM
Can you get banned by using multiples accounts? If yes, why? You can even save multiple accounts on Glyph.Thanks.Celestrata: No, you cannot. We allow players to multibox or play multiple accounts in ArcheAge simultaneously as long as you are playing manually, without the assistance of macros or botting/automated play software. We do ask that players not farm themselves or honor, to push the jury pool, or push zones to peace, however.
I'm wondering what the plans going forward are going to be for the cash shop on fresh start. Is there a timeline set when items like rumblings are coming in?Khrolan: We remain committed to our original plan with the fresh start marketplace and that means introducing and re-introducing items that match the progression timeline.Please let me first immediately dispel any rumors about Rumbling Saplings (Thunderstruck Trees) coming back to the marketplace for direct sale or in a supply crate - they are not, and will not, EVER, while I'm the watchkeeper, full stop period. On a smaller note, I'm also committed to keeping bears and yata pets and mounts out of the Marketplace on Fresh Start to preserve the uniqueness of the Husbandry Proficiency. The items we're adding to the Marketplace over the next month include: more Legacy costumes, cool-looking-but-not-OP bound direct sale combat pets (no lavaspark, no hellhound, no monkey, etc.), and we'll probably refresh the 800 credit revelation starter bundle. We'll continue to provide a monthly labor stipend and mirage mounts will be coming back likely later this month or early next month. Fresh Start won't see a Supply Crate for at least another month plus and when it does the rare items will be in-line with current progression and the drop table will contain mostly consumables (Read: no Archeum, no Lunarite). Red charms and luckies will remain elusive and that's where we're at.I'm in-game every day and I constantly hear "meow meow meow Trion ruining fresh start by adding x to the cash shop." As you can see by the current version, we're committed. XL has done a great job supporting our vision and we all remain in lock step. It's not unfair to consider the possibility due to the past of the product but I'm asking for a little faith here based on what you've seen so far. Thanks for reading!

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