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01-06-2017, 01:40 PM
When will lunar and stellar farms be added to fresh start market place? Khrolan: They're not even on the roadmap yet, so not for quite some time.
Why did you not open another new servers for EU/NA regions and opt to go with Over 600% server capacity? Do you realize that having the servers at that levels is causing tons of in game issues and lag? Dungeons don't work, DC are more common and the need for server maintance ever 1/2 days is not really a fun environment for your players. Khrolan: We're conservative in that regard because we remember the fate of "cluster 3" servers at release. They were extremely low population after the initial rush and were all evolved. Meeting the initial player demand is important, but ensuring servers have long term sustainability is more important. In regards to tech issues, it's important to distinguish that the problems players are reporting are not coming from anything related to server hardware. The 600% increase is well within what the server hardware is expected to perform with. But we see server stress in the high population of zones during events, hero calls, and the massive new housing zones that put additional stress on the amount of instances running at once that was not there prior to 3.0. We've improved it over the last 3 weeks, but it's not fully there yet. We don't like restarting and we know how inconvenient it is. Until we have a better fix (soon, tm) we'll continue with restarts, and XLGAMES is diligently tracking the cause and designing a resolution.

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