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01-06-2017, 05:20 PM
Has the team noticed if the changes to taxes on multiple properties (increased taxes) has impacted the average number of properties you see players owning?Khrolan: On Legacy, some folks have downsized or further outsourced property management to additional characters. On fresh start, most players have between 0-4 houses due to new cost prohibitive nature of multi-plot ownership. So yes, it's definitely impacted it, and has also helped on fresh start with land availability.
There seems to be a discrepancy between the west and east sides of Ahnimar when it comes to available NPCs. The east side has two NPC "hubs" which include all of the important crafting workbenches and NPCs (General Merchant), while the two "hubs" on the west side only include barebones raw material workbenches. Are there any plans to even out this imbalance?Khrolan: Ah, East vs. West discrepancies. There are many, and a lot of them are by design. The most notable are the debates between who has it easier with continental and intercontinental pack runs, festival zones, and comparative functionality as mentioned in this question. Rokhala may have more crafting hubs but that's part of the attraction to the zone. Ahnimar has an easily accessible land route out. These are just some of many differences. "Zones in ArcheAge are like NA baseball stadiums and they all have their own personalities even though the same game is played within them - someone quote me on this."
Both of the new housing zones seem to include large amounts of land which, visually, look fine for placing structures, but are currently restricted from placing anything on them. Are there any plans to open these areas up for more housing?Khrolan: Historically, housing zones are pretty much set in stone. This isn't something we'd internationalize differently for NA/EU. Some zones, specifically luxury housing zones, have been re-purposed in the past. We'll just have to wait and see what XL has in store for us but my guess is they'll stay as they are for quite some time.

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