View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: 1/8 -- Players receiving black screens on login, Reckoning server unavailable

01-08-2017, 10:20 AM
But Celestrata; You cant just say your working on something that is inevitably a design flaw when it came to the programming of this server; I mean if the community is really saying that this has been going on as often as it has; shouldnt you as a CM perhaps humor us and perhaps work with XL to determine the type of compensation we would receive due to this problem. I mean I truly do feel for your situation; i work and have worked as a gaming moderator and understand the stress,... However it doesnt excuse the behavior the company exhudes by just saying we are working on it. I do hope with the future postings that you provide us with a more solid explanation. Technology sucks at times and I do understand but you need to remember one thing Celest... We are like a family to your organization and we deserve to be treated as such and not just another number in the fiscal reports. I may not of been around after beta3 due to personal issues; but I do have experience working with gaming communities and companies alike... and I really do think that either a transfer, or some compensation like 2 APEX or something that would be worthwhile. Fixes are always going to happen; and crashes too.. however do you really want to upset the one community who has funded so much money into the game to keep it running? ... I mean seriously its like telling a drag queen not to wear makeup and look like Al bundy... I really do hope Celest we find the answers and something is in the works Things are and have been in the works for the past multiple weeks. Again, we'd like to give you more information as to exactly what is happening, but the investigation is ongoing. We don't have the definitive information players are looking for just yet because all of the work to fix and address this is still happening.Now, that said, we at Trion are looking to put together another type of pack to thank people for continuing to stay with us and ArcheAge through all of these restarts and maintenance periods, as stated in our Friday Q&A (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?309675). There's no estimated time for when this pack will be put out just yet, but doing something for the community is still a strong priority in our minds, second only to getting this fixed once and for all.

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