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01-08-2017, 09:10 PM
It is very hard to believe that everyday when the servers crash it is because of a "new" issue that you have found for the simple fact that the crashes can almost be timed now. This tells me (and many others from your player base) that it is the same issue reoccurring every time and that Trion is simply being cheap about upgrading their servers. If I am wrong, then why not tell us what is actually wrong with the servers, what your engineers' plans are to fix it, and actually give us an ETA that we can depend on?Nocnitsa,For this first part, sure, happy to clarify. As stated in the beginning of this thread, in the main update section, we have a game patch coming in that's targeted at alleviating this specific crash. If the crash was a hardware based thing, we wouldn't be patching the game itself to fix it. Instead, we would have to swap hardware directly. As hardware is not being swapped in this case, the root cause of the crashing you're seeing is not hardware. It's due to certain game systems exhibiting behavior that's not intended, and that's something that we're looking to help alleviate with this new patch.Now, for the second part...
...that all of your players more than deserve some sort of game-time compensation...We agree, and it's why we mentioned we're putting together another pack as a thank you to everyone who's been sticking with us through all of this. We talked about it last Friday in our Q&A (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?309675), and I've been mentioning it in this thread before you made this post and in the earlier threads today.

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