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08-23-2014, 11:50 AM
I was wondering, is there a build in this game that focuses on not being squishy in melee combat (like a Warrior or tank, may or may not be able to tank) while also having good CC and/or group heals and/or buffs? Kind of like the Warden in LoTRO

I've considered Battlerage or Defense with Sorcery, and either Songcraft or Witchcraft, and from my understanding, Songcraft = Sustained Buffs and/or Sustained Heals, while Witchcraft = CC

I've almost considered making a build focused around kiting and avoiding getting hit, but since that's going to happen anyways in an MMORPG, and because I like the idea of being able to handle melee combat and NOT be squishy, I've decided to do the other thing that seems fun to me: Beat people to death a close range and punish them from mid-range with spells that slow them down or weaken them or bring them back to me.

From what I understand, Battlerage is obviously focused around melee and also has a skill that pulls single targets in, and Sorcery and Witchcraft and Songcraft seem to have some debuffs and slowing skills.

The Warden in Lord of the Rings Online was focused around being a versatile, sort of hybrid tank. Because of their great defense skills, taunts, and high HP, they made for great tanks in dungeon runs and were very solo-capable. Although they were (at the time) not focused around melee, they could throw javelins and use javelin-based skills that would inflict various kinds of debuffs that would weaken or slow their target.

I don't really care if I end up dealing moderate or low damage TOO much, as long as I am still very capable of PvE and PvP: Even if the build makes one or the other (PvP or PvE) more difficult, although I mind a challenge in PvE less than a challenge in PvP, so I guess the build would lean a bit more in favor of PvP.

08-23-2014, 04:36 PM
You might find the poxbane to be to your liking: http://arche-base.com/builds/generator#2.3.9/BSkGSpk1TZa1

08-23-2014, 05:56 PM
Perhaps. I've considered maybe replacing Songcraft with Archery or Sorcery, as well, or maybe taking Shadowplay and only using Shadowplay's bow and arrow skills...or at least I WOULD if there were more than 2 bow and arrow skills for Shadowplay, even though I thought for sure there were more, but I guess that would give me more skill points to put into other skills in the other two schools. Right?

Really, the only thing I like about Battlerage is that it gives me some decent melee attacks and a pull, but honestly, the Lasso skill, much like the telekenisis skill in the Occultist tree, is pretty much the main thing that interests me about Battlerage, and that doesn't work well with Archery or Sorcery, or so I would think, considering that Archery and Sorcery are more focused on range-based damage (or at least that's how I like it), and pulls are for getting enemies into MELEE range, and I just can't have it all ways.

In the end, I'd rather be able to do some nasty stuff from a distance and catch up with an enemy than eliminate any need for range attacks. If I remove any need for range attacks, then I won't have anything for those enemies that I've seen who have dodge-able attacks and nothing to soften melee-goers up with before getting back at it with melee.

Also, I kind of like the idea coming from a sister thread about the Trickster. Something about "survivability through CC". Sounds like fun! So maybe Shadowplay/Archery/Witchcraft or Defense/Archery/Witchcraft.