View Full Version : L...A...G and a frozen Cutscene

The Grey
08-23-2014, 12:00 PM
The first night playing the beta (last weekend) was great. But the next evening was not. And now in my second beta, and after creating several characters, I am seeing a pattern. The game plays fine in the starter areas...but somewhere after the house construction quest/tutorial in the level 5 range, lag begins to creep in. High player concentrations (like cities) are the worst. But the lag is like a second undismissable pet that just follows me everywhere.

I know, I'll be told to check my system and my internet connection...but honestly I can run Skyrim with 100+ mods without this issue. I play Aion and ESO without this issue (even in Beta ESO was never *this* laggy and by release there was virtually no lag). The graphics in this game are not that far beyond any of those games. And turning the settings to low makes no appreciable difference in the lag. Something else is going on. So...I'm doing my due diligence and reporting it.

(Possibly a related issue) Last night I gave up when in the middle of a cutscene (Nuian, talking to a fisherman about the Ring of Nui) the game just froze up on me. The thing is, before I started the dialogue with the man, I had passed by him and seen a group of players with the video icon above their heads. I went and turned in a couple of quests, went to the cabin of the deceased ring bearer found the parchment with its cutscene, and then followed up by going back to the fisherman where the same group of players were still standing there with the video icon above their heads...and then I heedlessly trapped myself in the same loop.