View Full Version : Quillodon: Occultism Abyssal Skill - Shadow Circle

01-09-2017, 01:00 PM
I use Abyssal Occultism full-time and usually pre-prep energy for Circle before a fight. Here are my observations:1) You can cast the center of the circle up to 50m away.2) You have to be within 30m of the target and have direct line of sight to teleport to them.3) The target must be within the circle.4) You do not have to be within the circle to teleport to the target.5) When you cast the circle at 4 abyssal charges, it consumes 4 but lets you teleport 4 times (You'll notice a buff on you with how many teleports you have left).6) Creating additional abyssal charges does not increase the amount of times you can teleport once the circle is already down.7) The target can be at any height, as long as you are within 30m and have direct line of sight you can still teleport to them.I do this very often, and have done a lot of testing on it so I am certain all of the above is true. Thanks Gamepro!I'll play around with it on live during my break, since I can't reproduce a 6m limitation on my internal server. But it actually looks like... the current tooltip is correct, then? Unless I'm missing something here?(Tried it again and you're right, you can definitely port in from outside the circle as long as the target is inside it and within 30m)

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