View Full Version : TrionBrasse: 1/9 -- North America Server Restart at 12:15 PM PST (UTC-8) [UPDATED 3:15 PM PST]

01-09-2017, 07:10 PM
Im a returning f2p player and I heard about a fresh restart a few days ago (I know it started the 10th or whatever) I thought "hey I could actually catch up and make friends and get up there and have fun..." lol right:(. The one moment I could actually have fun in this game its gone. Then I saw a compensation package and I was excited again and I read it and it said (Patron only)..... Yea figures not a damn person cares about f2p players, I mean duh what was I thinking? I sure that the package was probably fake anyway so didnt get my hopes up. Game was fun when I had friends to hang out with and enjoy the game with. Was a returning player now im done with this game. Seems like I tried too hard to like a game that was never ment for f2p players. For new players that dont plan on spending any money on this game, "Luck" you're gonna need it desperately. Patrons are of course the players who pay for ongoing service, so they are the ones who are due compensation. I am sorry you feel you are owed as well. The servers being offline is a temporary issue, and there will be plenty of time for you to catch up to your friends.

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