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01-10-2017, 03:40 PM
Dearest Shadock,While we have no use for boats and have not commandeered yours (we rely on the magic of the Hereafter for our travel), we have consulted with some of our finest mages, many of whom are descended from the researchers of the Ayanad Library. We offer this service to you for absolutely no charge, as we wish to help you be reunited with your beloved vessel. Our magisters have used their scrying magic to locate your ship, and we wish to regretfully inform you your ship is currently residing in the magical aether of Erenor itself. As you well know, it is the magic of Worldgates that all of Erenor's captains call upon to bring their ships from the Hereafter into this world. Unfortunately, due to an irregularity in the distribution of summonable objects within the world, the matter that comprises your ship cannot be called forth at this time. It is here that some of our magical minds disagree on what is actually happening. Some say that your ship has appeared in the world and its matter is simply under the effects of a permanent invisibility spell, while others believe the ship is simply not leaving the Hereafter.But, there is hope, my friend. Our fine magisters have detected that there are two ways to return your ship. One is simply the passage of time. Lord Shatigon smiles upon those with large amounts of patience, and he will sometimes see fit to reward those individuals with the return of their beloved pet, mount, or ship. The other is a new ritual that our magisters are currently crafting.We estimate that this ritual will ultimately be ready to be performed today, and our magisters have arranged for its casting to begin tonight at 10:30 PM for those within the space known as "North America" and 3:00 AM UTC for those in the space known as "Europe." As this spell is cast, all of the time in the world will be temporarily stopped. When it is complete and time begins anew, you should find that the changes in magical energies in Erenor once again allow for the summoning of Worldgates.Should this not be the case, let our magisters know that your ship remains in the Hereafter, and we will begin scrying anew.We wish you only the brightest of travels throughout the land, Captain.With all sincerity, Prophetess Celestrata Bloodsong

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