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01-13-2017, 12:35 PM
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TSUNAMI Recruiting <Vengeance East>

Are you looking for a guild where mermaids and actual females that play the game exist? Are you looking to make a big and powerful wave with a group of people? Look no further this is the guild for you.

Guild Goals:
Our goal is to be a top ranking guild with every single member contributing to this cause. Contribution doesnít just include just donations and such but also working together with other guild mates to progress each and every one to make that big splash that WE deserve. YASSSS

Guild Rules:
Discord Required.
We are a green friendly guild but donít take us lightly as care bears because we will retaliate when attacked.
Main important rule is to be kind, active and have fun. Enjoy yourself!

Guild Activities:
We try not to let anyone in the guild be a lone wolf. We work and play together in everything we do when it comes to killing reds in war zone, doing dungeon runs or just hanging out in discord chat doing trade runs. Here are the activities below that we do together:
-Dungeon runs (GHA,SERP,MISTSONG, ETC)
-Trade Runs (Freedich, Two crowns, wherever you like)
NOTE: We do have many adequate enough players that have clippers, Galleons, and Merchant ships. I am sure anyone in guild would be happy to take you on a trade run as long as you ask.
-PVP ( Queue up together in arena, Warzones, or just friendly duels with each other)
-World Events (WB, Kraken, Luscas, Bunker, EVERYTHING)

Want to inquire more about us? Please WHISPER Nyny(guild leader) and or one of the officers including Shroom, Raviwra, Vergyl, Xaenca, Zombra.

Love to hear from you guys soon <3

01-16-2017, 08:30 PM
Come on and join in on the fun folks, we are really looking for players who want to dedicate and become part of the Tsunami family :D