View Full Version : TRION when will we able to play Vengance/Reckoning servers unplayeble due high latancy lag spikes !!!!!

01-14-2017, 08:14 AM
i did a little reasetch due my computer and router dident find anything network related then i tested on my old server on Eu side legacy server played for 2 hours no problem it seams this gamemaster realated messeges thing that throw us out of the game its cousses by high lacency huge lag spikes due hight population so what do we do or what do we say what do we say to Trion ? i have been playing RIFT for a long time the lack of support from trion havend been worse since begining when they had only rift so wonder dear Trion wen will we be able to play on thes server i know there isent any reason for doing a ticket reason its server realted issue 2 it takes nerlay a week to get a respones if not more then that 3 they did know this was going to happend so why dont do something agianst it iam not normaly complains
but when you log in to a server and get ingame ans instant get booted out you dont even see you are ingame just the end of the loading screen !

Regards zante btw sorry for my gramma have kinda dysleixa so :P