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01-25-2017, 12:06 AM
Hey Guys!. Today i got banned for no reason (if there a reason i would appreciate to tell me why). Is the 3rd mail i write to trions mails and noone answered me!. Can you please tell me what can i do?
How long unban takes?

Best Regards.

thats the msg TRION wrote to me:

" Greetings from Trion Worlds:

This email is to inform you that your Trion Worlds account has been banned due to a violation of our Terms of Use, Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, or End User License Agreement. If you wish to discuss the reasons for this ban or request reinstatement of your account, please email us at appeals@trionworlds.com from the email associated with your account.

We recognize that the acts that led to this ban may not have been initiated by you, and we apologize if this is the case. Trion is committed to maintaining a fun and safe place for our customers to play games, and we have taken this action as a last resort to ensure a better gaming experience for our valued customers.

Trion Worlds Account Services "