View Full Version : Aranzeb Upgraded Eastern Mansion

01-25-2017, 08:58 AM
Thinking of moving to Aranzeb once transfers open and want to move into a life of luxury? I have an upgraded eastern style mansion (the one with the 2nd floor gazebo in front) located in Mahadevi's Queensgrove right near the drop off to the water. The mansion was packaged the last time I moved it so I would not have to rebuild it, and from what I understand this stays with the house for any future moves. This alone saves thousands in mats.

It comes very nicely and fully furnished with beds, a bar, some giant plushies, and I will even leave a half dozen regal tools I have there.

Asking 14k. Not currently certed but I will do so for the sale. Message or email me in game for more details/discussion.