View Full Version : Looking for pvpers that want to do daily pvp each not maybe 1hr a night Veng West

01-26-2017, 02:41 PM
What I am looking for is to form a squad inside of a guild that I am already in. You're probably wondering why not just involve the whole guild you are in. Number one I have some guildmates in it I have an open enlistment for any guildies to join. The reason I am looking outside of the guild is because my guild (Unforgiven) is all aspects guild. We have people that love to PVP who are in the squad then we have others who love Farmville and PvE aspects of the guild. And others that like the bigger aspects of PVP. Unforgiven caters to all and so I am little lacking in members of the squad.

- must join Unforgiven
- must be active and able to join us in PVP whenever we set the times to do it
- discord is a must for PVP
- 21+
- no raging or elitist attitudes (i love PVP and I love winning but I am too old to be an elitist now)
With the above statement being said we will still use tactics and make sure we're all gear and work well together as a team. I just hate the smug elitist type attitudes some younger kids have nowadays.
- must be willing to drop whatever you are doing if a guildie is in need of PVP assistance. (explain in a sec)
- 3.0 gs at least level 55 clipper at least hauler/merchant optionable

What we are and what we plan on doing.

I plan on making this squad a first response unit help Unforgiven guildies whenever they get jumped in PVP land. That's number 1 job of this squad. Now when everything is ok and when we do our hour of PVP each night we will and not limited to: jack packs from reds and green pirates/patrol naval waters for reds and green pirates/open world PVP of all types. You will be able to make good money once we come together as a unit and team. If this is something you're interested in please mail me in game tek or pm me here or email: matt77381@gmail.com. If you want to join Unforgiven but not the squad then do the same thing.