View Full Version : Kyrios Buying Sunpoints for stream saturday

01-26-2017, 07:01 PM
Hai, the name is Thepokerplayer and I need about 200 sunpoint buying at 4.5gold each pm.

I stream my regrades a lot, this time about 30k+ gold in regrades on Live stream Saturday 4pm MST(Arizona) on 1-28-17.

For any one that wants to watch me waste a bunch of gold lets see if these statistics are correct. I have 23 obsidian tier 1 scepters grand and a few rare. I will be yolo regarding up to legendary/Mythic if I get really lucky but doubtful. No charms/resplendent unless divine+ I will be playing a game of guessing how many Divine/epics I get and giving out prizes(not sure) to any one with an account on NA server Kyrios.

Link to stream:

I have currently:
-23 tier 1 obsidian scepters (might make more tomorrow)
- 74 resplendent weapon regrade scrolls
-548 weapon scrolls (making more tomorrow if u sell sunpoints)
-14 superior red charms
- 6-10Dunns blessings (between a few accounts if needed)

Stats for regrades: