View Full Version : <Player> Recruiting active PvPers[east][harccore][PvP]

01-27-2017, 07:22 PM

A new and upcoming active guild on the east with 70ish members, formed to contest endgame content with a tight knit group of well geared and well coordinated players. <Player> is majority filled with people from previous servers meaning we have experience and knowledge on most content, but new players willing to learn are always welcome!

~Offered Content~
Abyssal Attack
Mistmerrow/Halcyona with first choice in raids
Dominion wars
Contesting X content
Daily gear runs such as serpentis and gilda runs
Random GvG PvP

~Currently recruiting all classes but looking for Mages and Healers~

All that is required is 3000+ gearscore and level 53+, if interested please whisper ingame, Joebear, Tekkaden, Seph, Leave a msg or send a forum msg