View Full Version : [Visual Bug] I think my character ate some bad burritos..

08-24-2014, 07:40 AM
Notice the back of my robe

http://i361.photobucket.com/albums/oo57/tonypilot7/ScreenShot0002_zps9567a2e8.jpg (http://s361.photobucket.com/user/tonypilot7/media/ScreenShot0002_zps9567a2e8.jpg.html)

http://i361.photobucket.com/albums/oo57/tonypilot7/ScreenShot0003_zpsb7058447.jpg (http://s361.photobucket.com/user/tonypilot7/media/ScreenShot0003_zpsb7058447.jpg.html)

http://i361.photobucket.com/albums/oo57/tonypilot7/ScreenShot0000_zps43f57523.jpg (http://s361.photobucket.com/user/tonypilot7/media/ScreenShot0000_zps43f57523.jpg.html)

I tried un-equipping and re-equipping and no luck. I don't have any other clothing to try to see if switching it out will help.

The clothing is the Arcane Barkbridge set. :cool:

EDIT: Posted in the wrong forum.. I thought it said Beta test bug reports.. Reading comprehension was never my strongest subject.

08-26-2014, 11:57 AM
Whatever you ate... burritos or not, had a lot of starch in it, coming out. That is one crispy cloak.