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02-02-2017, 04:22 PM
The idea behind the Crafting Lottery is collaborative crafting. People pitch in materials or gold to buy materials and then we craft an item. Once it is crafted to as high a tier as RNGesus allows we sell the items and split the profit based on how much everyone put in. For example say player A pitches in 200 gold, player B 100 gold and player C 700 gold. We craft an item with this 1000 gold and manage to sell it for 1200 gold. The gold would then be given back to players A thru C. A would get 240 (20%), B would get 120 (10%) and C would get 840 (70%).

Pitching In: Materials and gold should be sent by mail to “Lottery Crafter”. This character has been made exclusively for the purpose of the Crafting Lottery. Everything received will then be cataloged here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12kNnaxoI3MaTY7Y7ld2nxQeueoWx9jkXMITM2VtW-_o/edit). Each player will have a tab at the bottom with their name, that is where everything that player has pitched in and when it was used can be viewed. Materials will be used in order of when “Lottery Crafter” received them, which will be cataloged under the Crafting Queue tab of the Crafting Lottery Accounts sheet. Items that need to be refined will not be accepted, this is to save on the labor that “Lottery Crafter” spends. A complete list of items accepted will be compiled once the profession has been decided. It will contain all the items required to craft an item up to the ayanad tier of that profession as well as labor pots and gold.

Crafting the Item: Which item is crafted will be decided by a vote. Which profession we decide to craft from will be decided by vote as well, you can cast your vote (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc0OdUwC38eSHfVhkZPodo-1pU5LdkwXaWRy3VQw9n0ml084A/viewform) now. It will be better for us to craft from only one profession since the more we craft the less labor it will cost “Lottery Crafter” which I will talk about below. Materials used for each item will be cataloged here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tM6c8uWNjWhdgtqnwYZrw79juh-Mj96WsR2YidXik3E/edit#gid=0) along with their value at the time of crafting. This value is what will be used to determine your share of the gold made. Unless the majority of people express they wish otherwise “Lottery Crafter” will be a member of the western guild Lethality, this is my guild. This is so that “Lottery Crafter” can use the guild’s armourer's house to craft.

“Lottery Crafter’s” Labor: “Lottery Crafter’s” labor will be added to the items creation with a value based on the value of a labor pot at the time of crafting. “Lottery Crafter” will use this gold to buy apex which will upkeep it’s patron and labor stipend. Once a month, what’s left will be re-distributed to everyone who has contributed since the last bonus was given out. This will be kept track of here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r3yzPh1LLvYGnNut-CaXjmA54mPFNbjm8qHKHe3VVo4/edit#gid=0). If someone puts in a labor pot that is used for the item this value will go to that player instead.

Payout: Once the item has been sold each person will be assigned a percentage based off how much they had pitched in. The percentage will be a direct correlation between the total value put in to create the item and the amount they put in. This can be found on the Items Crafted Sheet. Payout will be made by mail, the cost to mail you your payout will be subtracted from your payout. We will decide as a group if we want to salvage and sell the wisps, regrade or sell as is and how much we will sell for.

So that I can make sure enough people are interested before we start, please ether comment below or send me a mail in-game that you are interested and with any comments/questions/concerns you have.