View Full Version : Quest: The Unsent Letter

08-24-2014, 06:31 PM
Summary: The text in the finish conversation is out of order.

Text Bug Copy:
Serf Arianna: Let's see... Oh, it says he's working as a sailor on a merchant ship! Thank the gods he found honest work. I was worried he would get into trouble with those pirates.
Serf Arianna: Oh my! He sent me a letter? My dear boy...
Serf Arianna: He escaped from the Painted Fields years ago by stowing away on a pirate vessel. He said he was going to earn enough money in Haranya to buy our freedom.
Serf Arianna: Thank you, stranger, for delivering his letter. I know he may never earn enough money to free the rest of his family, but at least we can be happy for him. As a serf, sometimes that's all you have.
Serf Arianna: Why yes, I am Nicola's mother. What can I do for you?
(Take Reward)

Zone Name: Two Crowns, Oliviano's Orchard