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Celestrata Bloodsong
02-21-2017, 09:52 AM
ArcheAge Version 3.0b PTS Patch Notes -- Thunderwing Cometh


The following release notes contain information about the ArcheAge February Update: Thunderwing Cometh!

Welcome to Reedwind!
Located North of Diamond Shores in Auroria, the new Reedwind zone is now available. It’s the home to the legendary Thunderwing Titan and the battleground on which his majesty is contested. It’s the tallest zone in the current ArcheAge world and can be seen throughout Auroria due to its floating islands in the sky. Reedwind is a hostile zone that doesn’t have a conflict cycle similar to the Southern Auroria zones. Visit the Crimson Watch camp in Reedwind today!

The Titan Cometh
The Thunderwing Titan encounter has been added to the game and is the largest scale PvE battle (with PvP elements) to date. Work alongside faction members to construct massive towers in the sky. Once a tower has been built, a faction member can spend the necessary materials to blow the horn and conjure the Thunderwing Titan. He only appears for 2 hours after the call has been made and can’t be summoned again for a 48 hour period.

The faction that summoned the Thunderwing can contest him directly for the available period and systems are in place to deter other faction members from interfering with the combat (to some degree). Opponents can gather resources within the zone to forcibly de-rank the progress of your factions tower, so be warned. 5 total towers exist: Nuian alliance tower, Haranya alliance tower, Pirate tower, and two towers for Player Nations.

Once the combat begins, wings become available for glowing prisms at the top of the summoning faction’s tower. These wing types are divided between melee/ranged dps (blue), and healer/mages (red). The wings last for the duration of the encounter have activated abilities to help down the titan. The power of the wing’s abilities scales according to the power of a character’s equipment. A new type of health and mana potion can be crafted in Reedwind to assist with the Thunderwing Titan encounter – these potions can only be used in this zone.

If the Thunderwing Titan is slain, the raid of players that established kill credit will receive the corpse loot rewards. All assisting faction members will successfully complete their kill-related quests and all faction members who participated will benefit. The current released version is the ‘hard mode’ version of the original encounter so prepare to wear your big boy pants – it’s no joke.

Underwear Synthesis
Rank up your underwear with this brand new system! Existing underwear that was crafted at a Proven Warrior’s Workbench can be converted to the new types of underwear through the workbench in Mirage Isle. Please note that if this conversion process is engaged, the existing underwear is consumed and any applied augments (lunafrost) is lost. Existing Proven Warrior Underwear can also be converted into an image item but is not upgradable per the new system.

6 new undergarment appearances (2 types of Black Pearl, 2 Types of Red/Ruby, and 2 types of Golden undergarments) have been added and each of them can be unwrapped to reveal a Melee, Ranged, Healer, or Mage basic undergarment. These versions can be acquired through the above mentioned conversion process OR:

Purchased from an Evenbard, infused with 20 Honor Badges – FFA Arena (2 black types)
Purchased with 200 Gilda Stars (2 red types)
Purchased with 100 Loyalty Tokens (2 gold types)

When the undergarment is obtained it is cloaked and tradable. Undergarments start with no stats, at basic grade. Cloaked underwear can opened and the player selects which of the 4 archetypes they’d like to have. This is similar process to the uncloaking of Aria’s Autograph, a Stat Migration Talisman, or T7 Obsidian.

Undergarments can be synthesized using the exact same method as the Costume System. They can be evolved from Basic to 100% Mythic grade using the same amount and type of Synthium Stones as costumes. Upgraded underwear earns up to 5 stats, with each stat granted at the following grades: Grand, Arcane, Heroic, Divine, and Legendary. The stat pool is similar to the costume stat pool and can be reviewed through the synthesis user interface. Note that stats that pertain to a basic archetype are more heavily weighted than those from another archetype. The max stat values on undergarments are about 50-60% as powerful as those on costumes. Upgraded underwear can be deconstructed using an Brilliant Mornstone – doing so returns about 50% of the Synthium stones used to upgrade the costume in the form of stackable shards.

Undergarments also support specific types of Lunagems and earn an increasing number of slots based on their grade. Lunagem slots are earned when the undergarment reaches Grand, Heroic, Celestial, and Divine grades for a total of 4 Lunagem slots. Torrent, Pierce, Breakthrough, and Tempest type Lunagems can be socketed in these new types of underwear. These are the same gems that are available for Ranged Weapons and Instruments.

Lastly, underwear stats last for 30 days and expire after that period. They can be refreshed for an additional 30 days by using Synthium Soap to wash them, just like costumes. Undergarment stats can also be rerolled using Serendipity Stones. Both of these interactions function the same as the costume system.

This system is unique to NA/EU and is a conversion of a more heavy RNG system used in other regions. Note that NA/EU undergarments are also available from multiple sources instead of only being available for 800 Merit Badges or from the Marketplace Shop like other regions.

Prestige Store Updates

Misagon’s Hidden Crate
A new item is available in a guild’s Prestige Store called Misagon’s Hidden Crate. A guild must be level 5 to purchase the item for 10 prestige points. When unsealed, this box provides a random result:

Common: Pinion Portals to Diamond Shores, Mistmerrow, Halcyona, and Hasla
Common: Clear Synthium Shards
Uncommon: Vivid and Lucid Synthium Shards
Rare: Radiant Synthium Shards
Very Rare: Merchant’s Costume: Basic (+3% move speed, +5% exp earned through spending labor, +10k skill to all proficiencies, and decreases production time by -5%) cannot be synthesized and does not have an appearance but can support costume images.
Most Rare: Wrapped Serendipity Stone (tradable)

Tempest Lunagems Buffed
Tempest type Lunagems purchased in the Prestige Store have been buffed at tier 3 and tier 4. Attack speed has been increased from 6 to 7 at tier 3 and from 8 to 10 at tier 4.

Upcoming Events

ArcheDelivery -- February 21 to March 8 -- Deliver a special across the world to earn tokens for a Mirage Donkey, or crates that can possibly drop Carrot Dash as a ULTRA Rare reward! Visit a Daru Courier in Austera or Marianople Faction Base, or Ezi's Light in Auroria if you're a Pirate, to begin this limited time quest line. Choose a difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard) and then grab one of the gift packs by the Daru Courier. (Once you pick up one of these tradepacks, you cannot take it off until you deliver it, so be forewarned!)

The harder the quest, the further you have to go in the world, but the higher the rewards!

Guild Unity -- February 21 to March 8 -- Are you in a guild? Visit Mirage Isle and talk to Guild Unity Agent Boson or Boson's Right Hand to begin this adventure! Guild leaders can get quills from Boson, while guild members can get blank quest scrolls from Boson's Right Hand. When a quest scroll is given to your guild leader, they can use one of their quills to create a quest for you!

Complete the quest to earn Merit Badges and Guild Unity Coins. Give those Unity Coins to your guild leader, and they can use them to purchase special housing UCC items from Boson, like the Balloon Box, Frame Chest, or Sign Chest!

Cherry Blossom Festival -- March 8 to March 22 -- Visit the beautiful region of Villanelle to participate in this yearly spring time tradition! More information on the Cherry Blossom Festival will be coming up on the website, so stay tuned.

Bug Fixes

Fixed incorrect information that was appearing on the community center notice board in Dewstone Plains.
Fixed an issue that caused the "Abyssal Wave" skill from not slowing a target's movement when using Abyssal Charges.
Removed the Dragon Master achievement.
Fixed a bug that caused the Blood Dream Dynasty Robes and Pure Sky Dynasty Robes from showing themselves on the Dwarves and Warborn. Emperor's New Clothes be gone!
Fix a bug that caused lunafrosts on shields to be shown incorrectly.
Fixed an issue that caused the hood of the Chimera Agent Uniform and Chimera Ceremonial Uniform to flicker on a female Warborn character.
Fixed a bug that caused a cooldown between the Any-Post Owl and the Anywhere Warehouse.
Fixed an error that could cause the dungeon quest board to lock up a player's action.
Added missing Celestial Destruction Prevention Charm recipes at the Stage 3 Community Center workbench.
The current Naptime Plushie has been renamed to the Massive Carefree Yata Plushie. "Naptime Plushie" will become the name of a new, different, future item.