View Full Version : [Quest] Escape from the Black Sands

08-24-2014, 11:16 PM
This quest is partially bugged. The little girl is stuck facing and walking into a wall between two buildings. There is no panel down there to check to see if it's loose.

I've seen several other people besides me milling around by this girl and no one can find this panel or any way into this safe house. It looks like she's supposed to be inside one of the buildings, but if so, where is the entrance? I see no ladders or vines or stairs. If there are, this quest needs a bit more text explaining where to look.



Okay, finally found the ladders after a LOT of running around and looking up. Please, add something more descriptive to make this clear.

Climb up.


Then down two levels in the Black Sands house.

Then out and across and down.


I tried jumping onto the barrels and got stuck against the wall between the barrels (did that twice). The little girl is misleading by being on the ground I think.