View Full Version : Kyrios (Kraken) WTB Divine Ayanad Life Club

02-28-2017, 04:30 PM
Hey guys I'm Choi on Kraken. If you have a Divine Ayanad Life Club, and willing to do the transferring to sell to me on Kraken, please hit me up with the gems/temper on your club and your price to deliver to Kraken (you would have to transfer a level 10 alt there, and back, which would be 2700+2700 credits which takes a bit more than 4 APEX, so we can roll that into the sale price. I have a strong strong strong preference on pre-gemmed, or mostly gemmed but willing to take a low gemmed or clean divine ayanad life club if the price is right along with the transfer offer.

Please PM me or Skype me at blakeryandesign for a faster response! (Notifications don't send on forums for some reason!)