View Full Version : WTS Rare Image Items!

03-24-2017, 07:17 PM
I have for sale,

Lunar Scarecrow Hat (Pumpkin Head) 5k OBO

Red Dragons Enraged Legacy (Dragon Wings, Cloak) 30k OBO (+2k for my Axis Mundi, BYO or trade mine back)

Oathbreaker Plate (Blackish plate gear with a dark blue cloak) 3k OBO

I can show you the wings on Morpheus, the pumpkin head is OG so still BOE, and the Oathbreaker is on a Basic costume already (So BOE) so those you going to have to google.

PM or Mail Daemonic on Morpheus, I will be transferring to Kyrios on the 31st so you have until then to get in touch with me.