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04-11-2017, 10:33 PM
Selling all these costumes
Message me on the forums here or mail me, or whisper me in game on: Princesslaya (east faction), Accio (west faction), Empress (pirate faction)
If the costume has a ✔ next to its, its been sold :(
Costume Names (from left to right): Dark Tear Witchcraft Disciple Costume (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/dark-tear-witchcraft-disciple-costume/)
Lordly Iceraven Robes (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/lordly-iceraven/)
Dr. Healgood (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/lherana-kraken-4/) (dyed with black obsidian dye)
Dragon Cultist Duster (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/dragon-cultist-duster/) (dyed with Morning Cocoa dye)
Duskglow Waistcoat Ensemble (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/duskglow-waistcoat-ensemble/)
Golden Dawn (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/golden-dawn/)
Homecoming Ball Attire (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/homecoming-ball/)
Icefall Dynasty Robes (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/icefall-dynasty-robes/)
Inoch's Battle Robes (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/inochs-battle-robes/) (dyed with white pigment)
Inoch's Battle Robes (dyed with black obsidian dye)
Lucky New Year Active wear (dyed with Ashen Smoke dye)
Luck New Year Active wear (dyed with red pigment)x2
Midnight Perinoor Silks (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/midnight-perinoor-silks/)
Noble's Winter Coat (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/nobles-winter-coat/)
Prim Service Uniform (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/prim-service-uniform/)
Prisoner's Pride (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/prisoners-pride/) ✔
Pumpkin Charmer Costume (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/pumpkin-charmer-witch-costume/) (dyed with Amethyst Siren dye)
Pumpkin Charmer Costume (dyed with blue lavender dye)
Pure new year active wear (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/pure-new-year-activewear/) (dyed with Amethyst Siren dye)
Pure Sky dynasty Robes (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/pure-sky-dynasty-robes/)
Royals Disguise
Spotless Service Uniform (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/spotless-service-uniform/) x2
Springsong Greenman Suit (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/springsong-greenman-suit/)
True Blue Yata costume (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/true-blue-yata-costume/)
Winter Yata Costume (http://archeage.mmo-fashion.com/winter-yata/)
Purestar Ball Attire

Some of the costumes have URL links to what they look like, sadly however they do not have previews for every race and or gender.

04-13-2017, 08:30 AM
Hey, I'm interested in your spotless service uniform, I'll be sending a pm.

04-20-2017, 10:28 AM
How much for prisoners pride?

Saria Rosegold
01-24-2018, 10:07 AM
what server are you on? im interested in the duskglow on Conviction