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04-13-2017, 12:50 PM
http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2017/04/aa_joyful_homebuilder_spring_garden.jpgYes, it’s I, Rose Avonelle of the Joyful Homebuilder Society. I know, I know, you’ve become speechless again. I’m simply too beautiful and too fashionable to bear.I’ve been spending my time recently touring the lands, and I believe the time has come for another one of my challenges. But, alas, I have been suffering from a contemptible case of writer’s block. Since the winter months, my INSPIRATION has simply been lacking. The barren trees do it to me every year.So… instead of simply relying on my wisdom and foresight, I decided to go to you, the adventurers. I traveled through Marianople and Austera, talking with a few folks to get their ideas. Some of those ideas truly spoke to me – they had the sweet nectar of imagination flowing within their souls.

Siku of Vengeance not only showed me his house (I gave it a B+), but he also proposed setting up this contest to honor the Gweonid Forest Lantern Festival.
Dhaeva and Zharnya of Tahyang proposed to me the concept of a garden show, where homeowners would plant flowers to celebrate the season.
And Romy of Shatigon seconded the idea of a garden show, but also felt that nature at large was the best theme.
After deliberating on this, I have decided that ALL THREE of these proposals are sound, and perhaps we can mix them together, no? My newest challenge to you, my sweet Adventurers, is to build a home worthy of the colors of Nature. Spring is here, green is overtaking the land, and I want to see your ability in agriculture as much as architecture. Give me homes that explode with the spring palette!Direct details of my proposal is below. Now get to work… these things don’t plant themselves.Contest DurationThe contest begins on Thursday, April 13 and ends on Thursday, April 27. Winners will be chosen and announced on Friday, May 5 in our live stream and on our website.Contest ThemeRose Avonelle of the Joyful Homebuilder’s has chosen “Spring Garden Home” as the theme for this contest. Try to make your home photos embody the theme as much as possible!Prizes

10 winners, chosen by the ArcheAge team, will receive a full Archeum Revelation Pack (a $150 value!) AND a Heated Pool for their homes!
All entries will receive a participation reward of 50 Merit Badges!
Contest Guidelines

No photo manipulation software is allowed. You must submit raw, unaltered screenshots with your UI disabled. (See below for more.)
The house or land must be owned by you. The Joyful Homebuilder Society does not allow you to take photos of something you haven’t made; that would be uncouth. In order to demonstrate that you own the property, you must take a second screenshot that shows both your character name and the property details pane (shown by using the F key at a farm scarecrow or house plaque.) Please include this proof of ownership with your submission.
Your entry must be “safe for work” and will be disqualified or deleted if it is indecent in nature. As a rule of thumb: if you have to ask, it’s probably not permitted.
Your entry should embody the theme as much as possible.
Entries will be judged on creativity, adherence to the theme, and the composition of the screenshot.
Your entry cannot use content that is copyrighted or trademarked, including custom logos.
One entry per person, please! Submitting more than one entry will disqualify you.
To enter, post your entry as an attachment or linked image in this official ArcheAge Contest forum thread (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?283158).
Click here for the official rules (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?321006) for this screenshot contest.
To take a screenshot in ArcheAge:

Log into the game and hit CTRL+F12 to enter screenshot mode. In screenshot mode, you can re-orient the camera to get angles you’d never normally be able to achieve.
F9 saves a screenshot, and F12 removes your UI. You can rebind these options in the Options menu.
You can change Depth of Field and Blur using in-game commands, listed in the image below.


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