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04-13-2017, 03:40 PM
I participated in the last official homebuilders contest. I got my participation reward which I was going to wait to redeem until needed, only to have it removed from glyph pre 3.0 with very little warning. I like these events, but I would much rather see your time of to something you've already committed to at this point instead of starting another event that may not go as planned. Like, Zodiac coins. You guys said "we're totally doing that" yet it's been like 8 months now I think? You should fulfill your previous promises first. I'm sure people can point out other instances. In the case of Zodiac Coins, we do plan on offering everyone those extra coins when the Zodiac event comes around again, so they'll be able to use that benefit alongside the next iteration of the festival.With the free grants, such as the participation award for the prior contests (beyond just Joyful Homebuilder, as it included compensation grants and other free items), we're moving to a model where all grants need to be consumed within a specified period of time. That way you know when you need to use it by, otherwise it will be removed from your account. All items from January onwards now feature an expiration date on the grant in your Glyph Shop list, so we can avoid having that situation happen again in the future.In the case of the Joyful Homebuilder Society grant coming up, it will be offered as soon as we can post May 5, and it will last until sometime in July.

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